Tuesday, March 31


She carelessly pushed the book back into its place even without looking through it and continued on with the next aisle. When did she even started reading, much less visiting the public library, after abandoning the habit since her early teens, she wondered. But deep down she knew. She knew the reason was him.

He had loved his motivational books with a passion. She thought it was stupid. But she sat silently trying to digest 50-facts-you-did-not-know-about-Titanic while stealing quick glances at him. That was her first time in a library after over seven years. Her mistake? She fell for him.

She almost told him the real reason why she abandoned their friendship a month back. Thank God the bus came before her mouth let it slipped. And now that he has found another, she is happy. It had ached a little but she knew she should not be in between them. Maybe it is fate or maybe she was just finding reasons to leave again. But this time round, she is genuinely happy. 

So many things to blog about from a girl friend's engagement to me realising how much I have changed this year to crazy last week of work and uni thingy - but this will have to do for now.