Saturday, March 28

Loca Divertida

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7 more working days to go, I can almost smell freedom from where I am sitting already! Ah the joy of waking up at any goddamn time I want to. And then there’s Bali with my girls in exactly 50 days. Meeting them next week to have our “final discussion” or gossip session whichever fits best! My uni application is going well too, fingers crossed. Have been accompanying Asraff to work so that I can concentrate instead of sleeping at home. In return, I get some lovin' and motivation from him! Will be wrapping everything up over the upcoming long weekend and submitting it on the following Monday. Hoping that everything will fall nicely into its rightful place, inshaAllah.

Last week's! 

And today's!

That aside, no one is going to get married this October guys. Okay maybe my post wasn’t clear thats why everyone is asking everyone whether I am getting married to Asraff end of this year. No, I wont get married until I am settled down with a degree and a career. Plus we both have our own personal goals to achieve first. We just thought of getting engaged on our birthday month this year. And instead of doing the hantaran way, we wanted something more intimate when exchanging our rings. Truthfully, I really dont see myself being all traditional and shit in life especially when it comes to my wedding (engagement isnt even compulsory for our religion come the fuck on). Some even frown when I explain to them how I will be bringing my children up!

And really, if you have any questions, you can just comment on one of my insta pictures or direct message me! I would be more than happy to answer you rather than having you ask around for information that might not even be right. I may have a fuck face on all the time but I am real nice. I dont bite, I swear.

Some shit I wore last week

Random hot choc and latte art from last week (anyone knows where to get a milk frothing pitcher?!)

Lastly, we went on a dinner and movie date yesterday. With our differing schedules, we make it a point to go out on a proper date at least once a week. Decided to try out The King Louis for dinner since we were feeling medieval and barbaric. Their serving size was huge but sadly what we chose tasted mediocre. Anyway, shall upload all the photos I have now!


A little camwhoring while my man waits impatiently for me outside hahahahah

Nothing much but I cant wait for next Friday because one of my girl friends will be getting engaged!!!!!!!!!!